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Much like our beloved Nigel, the sewing circle is no longer in action. The Singapore Forum will be kept up so the wealth of information collected over the years can still be found and used, but there won't be anything new.

Thanks to everyone that made The Singapore Forum, in all it's guises, a fun, informative and comfortable place to hang out while dodging work.

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Postby expat yorkshire » 22nd Apr, '13, 09:45

Is anybody else having problems using Chrome today ? Seems to have lost all my bookmarks and is not syncing properly .
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Re: Chrome

Postby Pinklepurr » 22nd Apr, '13, 11:16

Mine is working beautifully. sorry...
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Re: Chrome

Postby Duck » 22nd Apr, '13, 18:44

No probs here...
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Re: Chrome

Postby Puffined » 4th Jun, '13, 15:11

It may be a problem with your internet connection or you can try to clear cookies.
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