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Updating Phone Firmware

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Updating Phone Firmware

Postby Angelips » 3rd Jul, '13, 00:26

Hi guys, I'm currently using Huawei Ascend Mate, I just bought it not long ago, so I'm still new to the phone...

How to update my firmware to b216 from b133? I keep got errors =(
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Re: Updating Phone Firmware

Postby Fat Bob » 3rd Jul, '13, 01:22

If you get errors, take it back for servicing. If you've tried to root your phone, they may not allow a free service, they may not service it at all.
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Re: Updating Phone Firmware

Postby BoD » 3rd Jul, '13, 04:00

Huawei huh.. now there's a surprise :)
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Re: Updating Phone Firmware

Postby Tas » 3rd Jul, '13, 06:55

It doesn't sound like a good purchase
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