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Embedded video in powerpoint to Avi

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Embedded video in powerpoint to Avi

Postby expat yorkshire » 28th Aug, '13, 08:35

Can any of the techies out there help me ?

I want to create a video which will have powerpoint slides and in a small box a video of me talking about each slide. Then save that in a format that i can upload to youtube.

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Re: Embedded video in powerpoint to Avi

Postby SunshineAfterRain » 28th Aug, '13, 10:38

I am not an expert but will try to help

In Powerpoint, open a NEW file. Next, in Home tab select the Layout icon (choose any one from Title and Content, Two Content, Comparison or Content with Caption). After selecting the Layout, click on the Film Making icon to insert your Media Clip.

I have never done this before. But I supposed you should be able to upload this deck in Youtube once you saved it.

Give it a try and hope it works for you!
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