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3-legged Casper is missing

Posted: 1st Sep, '13, 14:36
by FurBaby
dear 'Porumites,

poor Casper (3 legs, black and tan mongrel) was spooked by a loud noise and yanked free from his handler at Botanic Gardens. he was last spotted heading to the Dempsey area yesterday (31 August) evening.

if you see him, please call Three Legs Good at 8670 8857.

Do not run after him him, as he is is easily spooked, and will run away.

You can see more pictures of him here:

Please keep an eye out, and spread the word!

Re: 3-legged Casper is missing

Posted: 7th Sep, '13, 21:20
by FurBaby
Casper was spotted early this morning (Saturday 7 Sept) along Tyersall Avenue, next to the Botanic Gardens!

if you jog/exercise around the Botanic Gardens/Cluny/Holland Road area, please do keep a lookout for him and call 8670-8857 if you see him - don't chase him, as he is shy and will run away.

Re: 3-legged Casper is missing

Posted: 12th Sep, '13, 22:24
by FurBaby
sigh, it's coming up on 2 weeks now that Casper has been missing.

we suspect he is holed up in the Botanic Gardens / Cluny / Gallop or possibly Peirce / Swettenham area. if you live around there, do keep a lookout especially in the early hours and late at night, which is when he does most of his moving around. he's hard to miss, with a loping 3-legged gait.

please do call us at 8670-8857 if you spot him - he is dearly missed and we do worry so for his well-being.

Re: 3-legged Casper is missing

Posted: 13th Sep, '13, 13:25
by Lili Von Shtupp
I hope he turns up soon! :(

Re: 3-legged Casper is missing

Posted: 4th Oct, '13, 20:43
by Duck
Any updates? Did the dog find its way home in the end?