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Migraine and lightning

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Migraine and lightning

Postby daffodil » 18th Feb, '13, 17:38

http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/ ... hood-study

As a migraine sufferer, stormy weather seems to be one of the triggers for me - although as the article suggests, it's generally a combination of factors. As for this poor woman, feel for her :

"but that's nothing compared with Dawn Binks's experience of the links between weather and migraine. A migraineur since the age of 23 – she is now 43 – she gets attacks on between 20 and 23 days a month, meaning that she is unable to work."
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Re: Migraine and lightning

Postby Kooky » 18th Feb, '13, 17:48

Definitely connect headaches with thundery weather, although I always think it's the heavy air that leads up to the storm, and I need the storm to come so it clears it.
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Re: Migraine and lightning

Postby BoD » 19th Feb, '13, 03:21

Thunder storm --> Stay inside --> Open a bottle of wine ---> Headache.

Must be the storm
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Re: Migraine and lightning

Postby Lichtgestalt » 20th Feb, '13, 00:10

Has anyone considered the poor husband of that woman? Worst case he doesn't get it at all in some months
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Re: Migraine and lightning

Postby Fat Bob » 20th Feb, '13, 19:02

Migraines? It's all in your head!
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