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Movies Reviews NOTE: May Contain Spoilers !

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Postby Fat Bob » 17th Nov, '12, 09:28

A film based on a true story. And if you dig, quite loosely based.

Overall it's watchable but probably not worth buying the DVD
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Re: Argo

Postby daffodil » 6th Jan, '13, 10:27

I believe the phrase loosely based is probably apt however I thoroughly enjoyed it and Ben Affleck is really good as the exit operative.

I've also liked the other movies Affleck directed - The Town and Gone baby gone, look forward to his next effort.
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Re: Argo

Postby Pinklepurr » 6th Jan, '13, 21:35

Yeah, not a cinema job, not worth buying the dvd, but a hire is a good idea. Liked it,but not raving about it.
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Re: Argo

Postby Tas » 21st Jan, '13, 06:07

I thought it was one of the best thing seen in ages. Still don't like wonky wobble camera for effect. But the ups downs of emotion, ability to inject laughs that didn't feel gratuitous but more like black humour I can identify with was really well done. On reflection thinking on it a bit now I can see that if it wasn't for the veterans Alan Arkin and John Goodman it would have been a very different movie to watch - they definitely got the best dialogue.
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Re: Argo

Postby Kooky » 21st Jan, '13, 15:18

Went in a bit sceptical and came out thinking it was Oscar material.

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Re: Argo

Postby skank-la » 4th Jun, '13, 00:25

John Gooodman: So let me get this straight. You wanna come out here make a lot of noise, act like a big shot but not actually do anything?
Ben Afflect: Yep
John Goodman: Great you'll fit right in !

Just got around to watching this & thought it was excellent
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