air con service when abroad?

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air con service when abroad?

Post by chunxia » 12th Feb, '11, 13:28

Hi any professionals? need your advice!
My air cons were spoiled. the compressor and electric board faulty and also gas leaking from the pipe. it worked perfectly well 5 months ago but became spoiled the first day after 5 months unused.

May I know what could be the reasons? should the air con be serviced during that period? as I understand that all machines can become unreliable if left untouched for long.
in the tenancy contract air cons supposed to be serviced every 3 months.

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Re: air con service when abroad?

Post by Bender » 12th Feb, '11, 16:14

You should leave the aircon running (set to about 24 degrees) while away, that way it prevent corrosives from fouling the board. Gas leak also won't happen as circulating gas lubricate the compressor and keep the pipe seals from rotting.

Oven also if you have should be left on lowest temperature setting to stop corrosion by keeping the oven dry.
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Re: air con service when abroad?

Post by BoD » 12th Feb, '11, 17:56

Also make sure you leave the fridge full of food and switched on. Singapore wiring is so good that there is no chance of a circuit breaker tripping during a thunderstorm
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Re: air con service when abroad?

Post by Sardonicus » 12th Feb, '11, 20:11

Broads like yourself can get air con service just as easily as anyone else
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