HELP !!! Urgently need a carpenter

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HELP !!! Urgently need a carpenter

Post by Dancing Queen » 18th Feb, '08, 09:31

I am looking for a really competent carpenter. I need a couple of simple large tables making for my workshop ( too big to get from IKEA) and need to be high too. One contractor quoted me $600 each for white laminate tables - got to be joking so thought I would try to find a little man who might be sensible about it.

Also general handyman. I know I saw something on the old forum but alas...

many thanks

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Re: HELP !!! Urgently need a carpenter

Post by slinky » 18th Feb, '08, 10:08

Here's the handyman recommendation I gave to Scummy:

Joe - 9451-6171

Check with him re: the tables as well - you never know, he might be able to do it.