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The Singapore Forum is closed


Much like our beloved Nigel, the sewing circle is no longer in action. The Singapore Forum will be kept up so the wealth of information collected over the years can still be found and used, but there won't be anything new.

Thanks to everyone that made The Singapore Forum, in all it's guises, a fun, informative and comfortable place to hang out while dodging work.

The Singapore Forum Mourners Society can be found on FaceBook. Just click on the icon below.

Welcome to....

Got an idea for the Singaporum ? Anything that annoys you ? Let us know in here.

Re: Welcome to....

Postby LSS » 23rd Apr, '13, 11:30

Hi, I want to talk about the frustration I have with American express. Which forum should I go to?
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Re: Welcome to....

Postby Kooky » 23rd Apr, '13, 16:30

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Re: Welcome to....

Postby Spike » 23rd Apr, '13, 17:50

Kooky wrote:http://www.expatsingapore.com

Prayer has no place in public schools. Just like facts have no place in organised religion.
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Re: Welcome to....

Postby Lili Von Shtupp » 24th Apr, '13, 07:49

Kooky wrote:http://www.expatsingapore.com

A woman walked into a pub and asked the barman for a double entendre. So he gave it to her.
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Re: Welcome to....

Postby jacky123paul » 13th Aug, '13, 14:42

Thanks a lot! Singapore!
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