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NSW bush fires

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NSW bush fires

Postby daffodil » 21st Oct, '13, 21:49

Bad news with Wednesday weather predicted to worsen amid fears that the current three fires will merge into one super-fire in the Blue Mountains area.

Kudos to all the firefighters and volunteers [smilie=bowdown.gif]

http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/photo-of-exha ... 2vuz9.html
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Re: NSW bush fires

Postby Morrolan » 22nd Oct, '13, 10:33

having been on the fringes of the 2009 Victoria bush fires, i can only sympathise with the fireys and everyone whose house is at risk. hard choices and tough environment to have to operate in. i hope no lives will be lost.
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Re: NSW bush fires

Postby nev » 23rd Oct, '13, 17:29

news.com.au currently has this headline: WE STARTED FIRE: Defence training sparked huge blaze
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Re: NSW bush fires

Postby Lili Von Shtupp » 23rd Oct, '13, 21:14

That's scary stuff. I hope everyone is safe and the weather changes soon.
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Re: NSW bush fires

Postby Inax » 23rd Oct, '13, 22:44

I have been to Australia and all the bush fires make me sad
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