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I can't even count..

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I can't even count..

Postby Mabel » 15th Feb, '08, 10:19

...the number of different levels of idiocy involved in this.

Sex auction sparks paternity row
Friday Feb 15 12:04 AEDT

A woman in Germany who became pregnant after an online sex auction has won a court battle to force the web site that hosted the sale to reveal the names of the winners, so she can find out who's the father.

Six different men won a chance to have sex with the woman after she auctioned her body on the internet in April and May last year. They were only known to her by their online names, a spokesman for a court in the southwestern city of Stuttgart said on Wednesday.

"The woman wanted to discover which one of the men had made her pregnant," the spokesman said. "So she needed their contact details. Of course, if they're not willing to go along with the gene test, she'll have to take them to court."

The woman asked the site's operator to reveal the true identity of the men, but it refused, citing a confidentiality clause in its terms and conditions.

The court ruled in her favour, saying the child's right to know who its father was took precedence.

The court declined to give the woman's age and nationality.


Seriously, this was an *organised* event! And it still (seemingly) didn't occur to anyone to think of birth control. Not to mention protection against other things. Image
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