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Should Canuck bring back the bikini?

When in doubt, post it in here.

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Should Canuck bring back the bikini?

Yes! I mean, WTF is up with that mountie and the flag anyway??
No. I like the mountie and the horse, why wouldn't you?
No votes
What about the moose? We want the moose!
Eh? I don't know what's going on.
Total votes : 16

Re: Should Canuck bring back the bikini?

Postby slinky » 19th Feb, '08, 13:44

Oh, I can see that getting ugly [smilie=rotflmao.gif]
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Re: Should Canuck bring back the bikini?

Postby baloo » 19th Feb, '08, 13:54

Sandwich of Cheese wrote:Now that we have avatar control, we can have avatar bets.

So if Baloo lost to me, I might perhaps ask him to change his avatar to Jonny Wilkinson for a week
Jedi to an iMac
Canuck to Celine Dion

yeah, it would certainly be more fun than a signature bet.
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Re: Should Canuck bring back the bikini?

Postby sluggo » 19th Feb, '08, 15:07

canuck wrote:why do you want to live in the third Reich? are we communists? :roll: I am allowed to put any avatar I want on any other board [smilie=cul.gif]

I don't get it, are you asking if we a Nazis or Communist? And no need to drop your drawers overt it, I was only joking. [smilie=kissing2.gif]
I guess we're not in Kansas anymore.
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Re: Should Canuck bring back the bikini?

Postby BFG » 19th Feb, '08, 15:45

I was going to vote for the dropping of the drawers, but I'm still in pain from the slap I got for the topless avatar comment.

So I won't...
Life's too short...
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Re: Should Canuck bring back the bikini?

Postby canuck » 19th Feb, '08, 16:19

but look see I dropped the drawers and gone topless, and yet you are still not happy [smilie=rolleyes.gif]

slinks , yeah well [smilie=tease.gif], not my fault you hallucinate horses, but hey the mountie may come back yet

sluggo: hmm ok,, I'll let it go tis time, but the walls have eyes ya know ;)

as for celine dion, don't make me come over there cheesehead [smilie=rollingpin.gif]
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