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Fat Bob's Credit Card Review

When in doubt, post it in here.

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Re: Fat Bob's Credit Card Review

Postby Sardonicus » 4th Dec, '12, 14:28

There's actually an active thread on this over at the Singapore Expats forum, can't hurt to have more info from different people
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Re: Fat Bob's Credit Card Review

Postby baloo » 4th Dec, '12, 15:38

We have UOB as our local bank. It's basically only being used for monthly cash spends. No complaints and whenever we go to an ATM we're glad we didn't pick DBS. The UOB ATM is normally available and we can use OCBC ATMs too.

Credit Card, we have a mix of Amex, Citibank and Stan Chart. No issues with any of them. Citibank Premier Miles gives us the best airmile return so we tend to use that whenever we can.
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Re: Fat Bob's Credit Card Review

Postby T2K » 5th Dec, '12, 09:46

I use Citibank for local banking (ATM, Checking) and they seem fairly well orgnanized. No compliants.

The Citibank dividend card works well, I get a credit posted to me card account every month based on some small percentage of spending (usually at least SGD100).
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Re: Fat Bob's Credit Card Review

Postby slinky » 5th Dec, '12, 10:19

We've used DBS since we got here in 2004, however, I'm in the process of shifting to Citibank. The only reason for that is because with a US Citibank account and a Singapore Citibank account I can transfer money between the accounts online at no charge (and we opened a US Citibank account last summer). I don't have any major complaints about DBS. I did all my bill paying via their online bill pay at DBS & I'm using Citi's online bill pay as well now - both work equally well as far as I can tell. Both require that you keep a certain amount constantly in your checking account, which I find to be a pain mainly because they don't really pay any real interest on holding your money, but, what can you do? We didn't have a checking account at DBS for that reason and just used online bill pay. That worked decently, but at times when I had to pay the aircon man or the piano teacher, etc. I had to be sure to have cash on hand because I couldn't write a check. Not terribly convenient, but I made it work for a long time. We've now sucked it up and have a checking account with Citi, which I must admit is a nice convenience. Check the amounts they want to hold -- DBS might require more than Citi, I'm not sure. Citibank requires $2000.

All my credit cards are US based, so probably no help to you :)
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Re: Fat Bob's Credit Card Review

Postby Morrolan » 26th Jan, '13, 09:06

well, Citi is out for us: they're changing account policies and require $5,000 in the account to prevent monthly charges of $10. so, those credit cards will get the chop. guess we'll get some DBS cards instead.
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Re: Fat Bob's Credit Card Review

Postby baloo » 26th Jan, '13, 09:08

OCBC cards look good especially the Plus card. Handy if you shop at fair price and buy your petrol from esso.
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Re: Fat Bob's Credit Card Review

Postby Fat Bob » 15th Sep, '13, 11:12

An update: Just picked up the ANZ Visa Travel card, does 1.4 miles per $1 spent (which doubles for spending in NZ and Australia). I think the perks are what I'm really interested in:

2 free visits to SATS lounge at Changi
Further free visits to SATS lounge upon $1500 spend in a month, 1 visit per month)
Priority Pass membership including 2 complimentary visits
A free airport transfer (upon $1500 spend in a month, 1 transfer per month)

25% off prepaid card for GV
5% rebate off EZ-Reload (which can be used in some cabs - no need for 10% CC charge or lack of Visa acceptance in cabs)
There's other stuff as well, but if you are a regular traveler without lounge access then this could work for you.
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Re: Fat Bob's Credit Card Review

Postby expat yorkshire » 16th Sep, '13, 08:42

CIMB infinite ... They have a first year fee waiver and 50% off at he Marriott

Complimentary club access – Damai Spa & Fitness Facilities at Grand Hyatt.

Complimentary parking For your convenience, you can enjoy complimentary parking at Amara Hotel and the Singapore Marriott Hotel.

CIMB Bank Regional Smart Rewards

Enjoy discounts at over 500 dining, retail and lifestyle outlets throughout the ASEAN region.

CIMB 0% i.Pay Plan
Travel around the world or purchase anything with the CIMB Bank i.Pay Plan. You can enjoy flexible repayments of up to 20 months when you charge any of your retail purchases to your CIMB Visa Infinite Card.

Priority Pass Membership
Escape the stress of the airport and ease the burden of travelling when you relax in the luxury of over 600 airport VIP lounges worldwide.

Global assurance
For total peace of mind when you travel, Visa Infinite provides you with a minimum coverage of US$1,000,000 in travel accident insurance.

Mouth-watering Offers
Enjoy generous discounts* at these irresistible gourmet dining outlets.

2 Diners – 50% Discount
3 Diners – 33% Discount
4 Diners – 25% Discount
5 to 10 Diners – 20% Discount

Singapore Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road Tel: 6831 4605
• Marriott Cafe Lobby Level
• Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant Level 3
• Pool Grill Level 5
Offer valid until 31 December 2013. Hotel Fort Canning Singapore
The Glass House Restaurant
11 Canning Walk Tel: 6559 6770
Offer valid until 28 February 2014.

B @ Rochester Restaurant & Bar
8 Rochester Park Tel: 6778 1788
Offer valid until 31 December 2013.
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