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Much like our beloved Nigel, the sewing circle is no longer in action. The Singapore Forum will be kept up so the wealth of information collected over the years can still be found and used, but there won't be anything new.

Thanks to everyone that made The Singapore Forum, in all it's guises, a fun, informative and comfortable place to hang out while dodging work.

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Damn who died?

When in doubt, post it in here.

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Damn who died?

Postby Joseph27 » 20th Nov, '13, 21:59

Man without me annoying folks around here this site is dead.

Well I did pass by to see but alas I couldn't find my password and worse still couldn't remember my old email password... alas I found it and so dropped by.

Spotlight is good - for those of you needing your Christmas wares - we have everything, for those who want to drop by and see an ang mo running around in an apron please feel free to do so... hell I am even donging the Santa gear this year... Sales are up, customers are happier and there are quite possibly a few voodoo dolls with my face on them full of pins... Nonetheless you are all welcome.

A quick thought - the Age newspaper in Australia keeps drumming home the stories of Australia's botched espionage attempts on Indonesia.... and just as Obama needs to explain why he was listening into Merckel's bizarre phone calls (mind see's leathered up mistress with whip) - Abbott needs to keep explaining standard practice in this field with Indonesian's in a Presidential election mode. They are quite out there are the best of times - right now every story helps us drift further apart... Still newspapers have a hitherto gold model in that regard - sell the drumbeat, the cannons and obituaries... you really can't go wrong.

Anyway - how the hell is it November 20?
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