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All about property agents!

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All about property agents!

Postby JaniceM » 5th Mar, '13, 17:07

One of the issues I have with unscrupulous agents is that they refuse to arrange a viewing for you even though you are a genuine buyer, because the property is 'under negotiation'. If it's 'under negotiation' it probably means the offer is below the owner's asking price but the owner is considering it... which means the agent could get a higher price for the property for the owner, he just doesn't want the hassle! To him whether close at 2 million or 1.96m, his difference in commission is just $800. I think a lot of agents these days very complacent and lazy - they forget they are serving both the seller and the buyer, they just want easy money. I've been hunting for property for months already and some of these agents frustrate me.
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