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Singapore airlines App

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Singapore airlines App

Postby expat yorkshire » 24th Sep, '13, 15:52

Just a totally useless piece of crap ....

How can they release an app that looks this bad and doesn't work properly ?

When I go to check in , it say you have no flight available to check in . When I go to my trips it shows a trip I have already completed but none of the future trips that I have booked .

When I go to the main website , all this data is showing . My future trips are there , my flights to check in are there .

How can they not be connected ?

SQ sort your act out ..... good in the air crap on the ground
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expat yorkshire
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Re: Singapore airlines App

Postby nev » 24th Sep, '13, 16:06

Yes agree, it's rubbish. Can't even see how many miles I have... or probably buried somewhere in the convoluted UI. Only useful sometimes when I can't select a preferred seat on the website, it is sometimes available on the app. Keyword here is sometimes.
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Re: Singapore airlines App

Postby Sardonicus » 24th Sep, '13, 16:24

Sounds like their web page last time I used it.
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