Guns Steel Germs and Chemical Weapons

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Guns Steel Germs and Chemical Weapons

Post by Tas » 14th Jun, '13, 09:58

Just those thoughts that ponder through your head when you listen to news.....

So we go to war with Saddam Hussein because we THINK he has chemical weapons
But I still really dont like war as a solution - though realise its not always avoidable (And for example the Pol Pot regime, my god whenever else was there a good humanitarian reason to interfere...)
Syria ACTUALLY USED chemical weapons, but we all just hang around saying well that is serious.
Excuse me for being confused
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Re: Guns Steel Germs and Chemical Weapons

Post by Jedi » 14th Jun, '13, 11:12

Which country is the bigger player in the Oil industry?

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Re: Guns Steel Germs and Chemical Weapons

Post by Possum » 15th Jun, '13, 08:50

Lessons learnt?
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