Happy Christmas!

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Happy Christmas!

Post by daffodil » 24th Dec, '13, 17:26

Hope Santa finds you wherever you may be!

Enjoy lovelies X
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Re: Happy Christmas!

Post by Satellite » 26th Dec, '13, 23:49

Merry Christmas!

Seriously, another day with the children indoors all day and I'd just die.

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Re: Happy Christmas!

Post by Pinklepurr » 27th Dec, '13, 08:20

Merry Christmas to any one who might still be here...Christmas Day and Boxing Day done...another dinner tonight...I love this time of year. :)
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Happy Christmas!

Post by SunshineAfterRain » 27th Dec, '13, 08:46

Happy Christmas to all!
We are back in Perth and was busy catching with family and friends. Husband's family came over for X'mas breakfast out at the cabana and the kids were having loads of laughter and joy unwrapping presents and then all went for a swim in the pool.

Good time for me to rest and recuperate before heading back to work on Jan 6th!
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