New camera for underwater

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New camera for underwater

Post by Fat Bob » 17th Oct, '13, 13:13

Right, I want a new camera for underwater shots. Not liking the Canon S95, seems just too fiddly, so am thinking of downgrading (several of the IXUS cameras I owned previously I think take better shots than the S95).

I also want something with a bit better zoom, so was thinking that the Canon SX280 seems to be a good looking camera (12megapixel, 20x zoom). I'm hesitant to move away from Canon, I've had some great experiences with them, I just think the S95 is a little too much for what I need. OTher options would be the Nikon S9500 and the Panasonic ZS30, they seem the same price in the States though I've not checked out the availability of underwater cases (which won't take long).

Anyone with an opinion on either of the three above, including their previous models?

And did some of you have things sent over from the States previously? If so, which site would you recommend? I've found B&H Photo and Video, any others? Seems I'd save at least $100 on the camera (before shipping).
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