Travel Vaccinations

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Travel Vaccinations

Post by Possum » 20th Mar, '12, 09:40

Baby Pos II is headed to Peru later this year. Can anyone recommend the best place to get travel vaccinations?
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Re: Travel Vaccinations

Post by Kooky » 20th Mar, '12, 10:38

IIRC the International Medicine Clinic started life as a Travel Clinic and still claims a special interest in it. We had all our jabs done there and I remember Neo getting advice and a Travel Kit from them when he was doing a lot of trips to India.

I used to see Dr Clarice (as I know did a few of the ladies of the Porum) but Neo saw an Irish bloke.

edit: She'll probably need malaria tabs. They can be scary shit.

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Re: Travel Vaccinations

Post by Fat Bob » 20th Mar, '12, 10:58

Your GP so you've got all your records in one place. If your GP doesn't know what needs doing then get onto either the US or UK government travel/health websites to help out.
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Re: Travel Vaccinations

Post by slinky » 20th Mar, '12, 14:05

International Medical Clinic at either Jelita or Camden will sort you out. I know they - and all of Singapore, I guess - are currently out of typhoid vaccine because we've been on the wait list for a few weeks now & I stopped in yesterday to check and they still don't have it.