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Re: Welcome to....

Post by LSS » 23rd Apr, '13, 11:30

Hi, I want to talk about the frustration I have with American express. Which forum should I go to?

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Re: Welcome to....

Post by Kooky » 23rd Apr, '13, 16:30

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Re: Welcome to....

Post by Spike » 23rd Apr, '13, 17:50

Prayer has no place in public schools. Just like facts have no place in organised religion.

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Re: Welcome to....

Post by Lili Von Shtupp » 24th Apr, '13, 07:49

A woman walked into a pub and asked the barman for a double entendre. So he gave it to her.

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Re: Welcome to....

Post by jacky123paul » 13th Aug, '13, 14:42

Thanks a lot! Singapore!