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The Daily Show -

Posted: 16th Jan, '13, 09:26
by Joseph27
Today's episode of the Daily Show contains one of the most important segments Jon Stewart has done on his show. Reporter (I don't really know what description fits best) John Oliver helped totally blur the lines between reality and fiction, between real news and news parody and the juxtaposition of all four otherwise separate spaces was combined into one unbelievably powerful segment. I was waiting to see how Jon Stewart would engage with that show Newsroom and he did it masterfully. When fiction is used to tell the stories we need to hear, and traditional news is overrun by blowhards and opportunists who generate ratings through mindless pandering to the lowest common denominator, a total reworking of this entire space is further along than we thought. News isn't dead; the line between fact and fiction, between news parody and genuine news however just got a lot more blurry.

Re: The Daily Show -

Posted: 17th Jan, '13, 03:25
by avatarless
Thanks. I'll check it out. Haven't seen Newsroom yet and haven't watched the Daily Show in yonks...